THE FOUNDATION of Whitnums consulting practice is greatly influenced by community building. Our belief is that organizations are made up of individuals coming together for a common purpose, the desire to make an impact, and to find connection with others. At Whitnums, we have a conviction that workplaces can bring us both a sense of deeper meaning and fulfillment, along with a paycheck. Whitnums sees that there is a current workplace shift happening where companies are naming more human-centered goals, and making the moves required to support their organizational well-being. Whitnums is part of that movement challenging the workplace status quo. 

WHAT TO EXPECT. When working with organizations, our approach is one of partnership and collaboration. We don’t have all the answers for you. What we do have is an outsider's lens, experience, and some methods and techniques to help drive change. This takes shape by bringing people together, facilitating a more honest dialogue, exploring what’s just beneath the surface of experience, and designing future possibilities/solutions. Our work leaves people at all levels of an organization feeling engaged, with a new sense of confidence, and empowered to make a difference within their workplace.

So you might be asking, what is with that name Whitnums? Whitnums started as a goofy nickname Whitney Thoren picked up as a kid, but has become the personification of our company values and oddball nature. Whitnums represents our passion and point of view. Whitnums is the fusion between the personal and the professional.

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whitney thoren

You could say that I am a generalist, but when I step back the common theme is, being of service. From waiting tables to nonprofit case management, and from support group facilitation to organizational change consulting, it's always been about building relationships with people and helping them find solutions. 

Years ago I was working in a fairly toxic organization. I had wonderful co-workers who cared deeply for the work, but were quitting as quickly as they were hired — looking for healthier work conditions. When I would share my story, others were quick to share something similar, from friends to strangers, working in all types of companies. As I reflected on the themes I was seeing, I decided it was time to shift my professional focus from the individual level, to helping whole organizational systems truly thrive. 

A natural leader, I found a graduate program, Organization Systems Renewal (OSR), to support my aspiration. With a Master's in Organizational Leadership, I gained the tools to fulfill my path to be an organizational change agent in the world. I would say I am part of a new generation of people doing this type of work, and have a unique lens to offer companies and organizations.