whitnums is an ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT consulting practice leveraging uncertainty to discover opportunities for growth



Values serve as the touchstones needed to navigate life. They let us know when we are on the right path, and when we get a little lost along the way.


The power is in the people

Leadership is an action, not a position. Anyone can be a leader

Organizations already hold the wisdom needed to succeed

Risk-taking goes a long way



Whitney helped me find my leadership blocks and she showed me tools to help me navigate through them. She helped me see leadership as a process and she went through that process with me.
— Kamal Patel, Co-Founder of UbrLocal
When Whitney is working with client teams, she brings an incredible blend of creativity, wisdom, empathy, and leadership. It’s easy to collaborate with her and I always learn something new when I do so.
— Peter Coughlan, Ph.D., Educator, Consultant and former IDEO Partner
Whitney is an amazing facilitator with a unique ability to lead group work while remaining unobtrusive.
— Tabitha Jensen, former Executive Director at Teen Feed