Whitnums offers a co-design approach to navigating organizational change and growth, involving innovation, all-hands-on-deck-style work sessions, and organizational coaching. We believe both leadership and engaged employees together can improve team dynamics, build robust workplaces, all while redefining what it means to be productive, innovative, and collaborative.


It is a belief at Whitnums, that an organization's most valuable asset is its people. It takes hard work and intention to forge a workplace that honors employees as community members. It's a collective effort — shared by everyone. An ongoing practice of agility and skill building is required, and we offer the facilitation and guidance to achieve this. Below are a few examples of our offerings:

  • leadership development 

  • interactive workshop design and facilitation  

  • cultivating equity in the workplace

  • organizational strategy and process improvement 


"Our task is to create organizations that work, especially in a world where everything constantly seems up in the air" - Peter Block

Adaptive change, Whitnums' take on change management, is a joint process between the consultant and client. Together we clarify and reframe current challenges, then move into co-creating an action plan for future well-being.

It starts with a conversation. Our method is not an off-the-shelf approach, but rather a customized experience, one that is specific to your organization's needs. Through a process of discovery and analysis, we help organizations to understand themselves more clearly, and coach them through the important shifts and changes needed to adapt and thrive.

what else?

Not seeing what you were hoping for? We welcome the opportunity to co-create a specific group experience — we love a good challenge, just ask!