Artefact, a design and technology firm, sought out help in developing shared language and organizational understanding of what it means to be diverse and inclusive company. To support a robust and purposeful conversation, we developed a framework to guide the conversation among key stakeholders. Through our work together, we uncovered important moments in Artefact's history, successes and opportunities for development, and established deeper organizational values which will guide Artefact as they continue to move forward with this work.



Washington Water Trails Association (WWTA) is a small, membership-driven organization, which was experiencing some challenges with internal structures and communication. To address their concerns, a design team took WWTA through a several-month process of insight gathering to establish and deliver on key outcomes. Our solution provided both quick successes for the organization, and offered a sturdy process foundation for WWTA to use for ongoing program delivery.



King County Library Systems is made up of 48 individual branches. We designed and delivered an on-going skills-based leadership development course which explores what it means to be a leader, developed and/or revisited a leadership practice, and learned some new tools to share with branch team members. Using a blend of Adaptive Leadership tools, coaching, and other interactive approaches, staff from all positions in the organization, shifted to see themselves both as an individual and as part of the larger whole. 


Design Thinking with EBAY

eBay, Inc., brought together a diverse group (roles, location, experience) of HR staff to re-design their current on-boarding experience using design thinking. The group established three different approaches to test, all considering both local office culture, and the global commonalities of the company. 



The Boys and Girls Club of King County, which serves 15,000 youth from 38 club locations across the county, were facing some challenges due to the 2008 recession, while adapting to a new leadership team. Over the course of 4 months, we worked with the BGCKC leadership team to uncover the organization's greatest needs. To create a more unified and collaborative organization, we lead 52 key cross-organizational stakeholders through a World Cafe process. The outcome was increased organizational awareness, and clearly identified areas to prioritize for cross-club engagement, collaboration, and staff retention. 


Design Thinking "How-To" Workshop for global service jam

Seattle Chapter of Global Service Jam was a three-day, 48 hour event, which took participants through the design thinking experience to innovative new service offerings, while learning the fundamentals of design thinking. Chapters from all over the world simultaneously researched, prototyped, and then tested their service ideas. The outcomes were fresh and different solutions to ordinary problems.